FRP Gauge Plates

To meet the rising demands of our clients, we come with a vast range of FRP Gauge Plates. The extensive range of gauge plates offered by us is comprised of Gauge Plates and FRP Gauge Plates. Resistant to corrosion and easy to install, these are widely acknowledged among the client-base we have accomplished to gain.

FRP Guage Plate for DAM
FRP Guage Plate for DAM

Ni-Plast’ make FRP gauge plates are very popular in India and installed on most of the dams in Maharashtra & Gujarat states for reservoir level measurements.

Special features of our gauge plate.

  • Very sturdy, both side finish and sandwich with M.S. strip
  • Bands & figures are moulded and engraved, hence very accurate.
  • Reduced level (RL), FRL, MWL can engraved on gauge plate.
  • 100% anticorrosive when deeped in water and hence lifelong.
  • Installation on fabrication frame or in power fastener on dam wall.
  • Custom made for specific requirement can manufacture for large quantity.
Application : Level measurement of dams, reservoir, lake, barrages, H.R. gates and river.

Size Available : 10x100,15x100,30x100,60x100,100x100 cm for any height.

FRP Radial Gate Guage Plate
FRP Radial Gate Guage Plate

Redial gauge plate is special purpose gauge plate to understand gate opening position of dam. This is custom made gauge plate and manufacture as per degree of gate. M.S. strip is embedding in FRP moulding and strip outside are welding on dam gate. Fix arrow position welded on gate will show actual opening of gate on gauge plate. High quantity grade resins and glass fiber are used to sustain tremendous water pressure on gate as these gauge plate are at water side. Moulded and engraved bands and figures are given on gauge plate for gate opening mark covered with redium and laminated with high quality surface protecting chemicals.

Application: Main gate of dams, lakes and H.R. gates of irrigation canals and barrages.

Sizes Available :  15x100 & 30x100 cm for any height,

FRP Guage Plate for Canal & River
For level measurement of following high speed water in irrigation canals and rivers, Ni-Plast has developed special purpose gauge plates to sustain against tremendous load of flowing water. FRP gauge plate is sandwich structure of glass fiber resin and steel strips with engraved marking of bands and figures. Special quality M.S. clamps are using when gauge plate is fitting on concrete poll. When gauge plate has to fix on slant portion of canal then gauge plate is manufacturing at true scale for given side slope of canal. These gauge plates are fixing in power fasteners on slant portion of canal. Special marking like FSL, MWL can engrave on gauge plate on demand.

Application: Irrigation canals, rivers, waste water channels etc.

Sizes Available: - 15x100, 30x100, 60x100 & 100x100 cm for any height

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